Master Program

Master Program

Master of Science in Urban Planning (M.Sc.)

Graduation Requirements

2~4 years required for graduation
Minimum 34 credits required for graduation, not including master degree thesis 6 credits.
1. Required courses: 10 credits, including:
(1) Seminar (1~4): 4 credits
(2) Urban Planning Practice: 3 credits
(3) 1 professional practice(/studio) course: 3 credits
2. Elective courses: 24 credits, should including at least 1 English taught professional course.
3. The graduate students without urban planning bachelor degree are required to take the 2~4 basic courses (such as the core courses of our undergraduate program). The credits of the basic courses are not counted in the graduation credits.

In order to apply the oral examination of master degree thesis, the students must meet the following requirements.
1. To publish at least 1 academic conference paper or journal paper which approved by the department.
2. The proposal of master degree thesis has been reviewed and approved by the department for over 4 months.
3. The draft of master degree thesis has been reviewed and approved by the department.
4. Pass the English proficiency test, such as TOEFL iBT 69, CBT 193, IELTS 5.5 or TOEIC 750 and so on.


Additional Information

Students without an urban planning bachelor degree are required to take 2~4 basic courses from the following courses in urban planning undergraduate program:


1. Urban Land Use Planning


2. Introduction to Urban Planning


3. Urban Transportation Planning


4. Public Sector Economics


5. Urban Design


6. Urban Sociology


7. Urban Economics


8. Planning Analysis Method


Students who are not graduated from the urban planning department, or who have not taken any “professional practice of urban planning” courses over 12 credits, are required to take “Theories and Practice of Urban Planning”.


During the school year, each student should take a “Seminar” course.


Other Information

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