Full-Time Faculties

Full-Time Faculties


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Academic Staff

Chang, Hsueh-Sheng

PositionChairperson & Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54234

EducationPh.D., National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

SpecialtiesRegional Planning, Topics of Spatial Location Analysis, GIS, Urban Renewal


Chang, Hsiu-Tzu

PositionAssistant Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54228

EducationPh.D. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey , U.S.A.

SpecialtiesUrban Redevelopment, Commercial   Revitalization, Urban Design, Tourism and City Marketing, Community   Development, Public Participation GIS


Chao, Tzu-Yuan

PositionAssociate Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54221


EducationPh.D., University of Nottingham, U.K.

SpecialtiesPlan Investment and Evaluation, Estate Development, Estate Law


Chen, Chih-Hung

PositionAssistant Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54229

EducationDr.-Ing., Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

SpecialtiesUrban Morphology, Urban History, European Urban Studies, Knowledge Cities, Urban Design, Architectural Design



Chen, Yen-Jong

PositionDistinguished Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54233

EducationPh.D., Northwestern University, U.S.A.

SpecialtiesUrban Economics, Econometrics, Methodology of Housing Economics And Estate Analysis, Transportation Planning



Cheng, Hsien-Hsin

PositionAssociate Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54226

EducationPh.D., National Tokyo University, Japan

SpecialtiesSustainable Urban Regeneration,   Urban Landscape Conservation Planning, Comparative Urban Study, Basic Design,   Architectural Planning


Hsieh, Horng-Chang

PositionAssociate Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54236

EducationPh.D., The Ohio State University, U.S.A.

SpecialtiesUrban Sociology, Political Economy, Consumption Studies, Urban Renewal, Locality Studies, Social Network Analysis


Hu, Tai-Shan

PositionAssociate Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54224

EducationPhD, Graduate Institute of Urban Planning, National Taipei University, Taiwan

SpecialtiesUrban and Regional Planning, Industrial Analysis & Planning, Knowledge Industry & Urban Development



Huang, Tai-Lin

PositionAssistant Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54223

EducationPh.D., University of California, Berkeley, California, USA

SpecialtiesComplex Disaster Management, Urban Systems Management, System Dynamic Decision Analysis, Systemic Risk Analysis, Construction Ecology.



Huang, Wei-Ju

PositionAssistant Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54225

EducationPh.D., Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

SpecialtiesUrban Planning and Design, Spatial Planning, Comparative Research, Institutional Analysis, City-regional Governance, Smart City


Kung, Shiann-Far



TEL06-2757575 ext. 54239

EducationPh.D., University of Cambridge, U.K.

SpecialtiesUrban Planning, Comparative Urban Study, Industrial Analysis & Planning, Landscape Planning, History of Urban Development


Lee, Tzu-Chang (Joe)

PositionAssociate Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54220


EducationPh.D., Imperial College London, U.K.

SpecialtiesPlanning Support System, Land Use and Transport Integration, Agent-based Modelling


Lin, Han-Liang

PositionAssociate Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54231

EducationPh.D., University of Leeds, U.K.

SpecialtiesGIS, Data/Knowledge Mining, Urban Transportation


Shyr, Feng-Yeu (Oliver)

PositionAssociate Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54241

EducationPh.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

SpecialtiesTransportation Engineering, Operation & Management, Econometrics


Tsou, Ko-Wan



TEL06-2757575 ext. 54232

EducationPh.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan

SpecialtiesLand Use and Infrastructure Planning, Comprehensive Planning, Environmental analysis and evaluation, Disaster Management, Financial planning


Yeh, Ju-Ping

PositionAssistant Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext. 54222

EducationPh.D., Paris Diderot University-Paris VII

SpecialtiesUrban and Regional Planning,   Governance, Transportation, Economic Evaluation



Chen, Hsiang-Leng

PositionPostdoctoral Fellow & Assistant Professor


TEL06-2757575 ext.54238 ext.23

EducationPh.D., University of Sheffield, U.K.

SpecialtiesUrban Regeneration, Partnership, Sustainable design and planning, Architecture Design


Lu, Chao-Hong

PositionPostdoctoral Fellow


EducationPh.D., National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

SpecialtiesEconometrics,  Regional Planning, Methodology of Housing Analysis, Statistics


Tu, Chien-Hung

PositionPostdoctoral Fellow & Assistant Professor


TEL06-2342373 ext.39

EducationPh.D., National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

SpecialtiesUrban Disaster Prevention and Environmental Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Disaster Risk   management, Urban Engineering and Ecological Engineering