ICDIH 2019 Call for Papers

ICDIH 2019 Call for Papers


2019 International Conference on Design with Intelligence and Humanity

URL: http://www.icdih.asia/

Email: ICDIHoffice@gmail.com

November 22~ November 24, 2019, Taiwan


Organized by:

Taiwan Association of Digital Media Design, Taiwan

International Institute of Knowledge Innovation and Invention (IIKII)

College of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


2019 International Conference on Design with Intelligence and Humanity (ICDIH 2019) will be held in Yunlin, Taiwan, R.O.C. on Nov. 22 – 24, 2019. We welcome researchers, academic experts and relevant practitioners from all over the world to participate in this event. With the advancement of science and technology, artificial intelligence has advanced by leaps and bounds, cross-border integration in various fields has become increasingly urgent, and the impact on society has become larger and larger. The purpose of this conference is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between experts in the field of design, technology and humanities, and to provide forums for authors engaged in intelligent and human-related topics for discussions and opinion exchanges. This will help to integrate expert opinions of different fields to generate new concepts and methods, and to create new directions for academic research and industrial development.

All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings indexing by EI (Conference Article) and Scopus. Excellent papers selected from ICDIH 2019 will be recommended to be published on suitable SSCI, SCI, ESCI or AHCI journals after an additional review process and need extra publication charge.

2019智慧與人文設計國際研討會(ICDIH 2019)將於2019年11月22至11月24日在國立雲林科技大學舉行。我們歡迎來自世界各地的研究人員、學界專家以及相關從業人員參加這次的盛會。隨著科技的進步,人工智慧突飛猛進,各種領域的跨界整合日益迫切,對社會的衝擊也日益擴大。本次會議的目的就是為了促進設計領域與科技和人文領域的專家間的跨學科合作,為從事智慧與人文相關主題的作者提供共處的空間,以進行不同面向的討論和交流。這將有助於整合來自不同領域的專家意見,以產生新的概念與做法,開創學術研究和產業發展的新方向。

研討會論文集將被收錄在EI和Scopus資料庫,研討會的優秀論文將會被推薦給SSCI, SCI,ESCI 和AHCI等級的期刊,期刊將會進行額外審查,若被期刊接受刊登,作者還需支付給期刊相關的出版費用。


(1)     Sustainability (SSCI, SCI, ISSN:2071-1050; IF: 2.592)

(2)     Symmetry (SCI; ISSN 2073-8994; IF:2.143)

(3)     Ethiopian Journal of Health Development  (SSCI, SCI, ISSN: 1021-6790; IF: 0.256)

(4)     Religions (AHCI, ISSN 2077-1444)

(5)     Journal of Dharma (AHCI, ISSN: 0253-7222)

(6)     Education Sciences (ESCI, Scopus, ISSN: 2227-7102)

(7)     Electronics (SCI; ISSN 2079-9292; IF: 2.110)

(8)     Applied Sciences  (SCI; ISSN 2076-3417; IF: 1.689)

(9)     Computers (ESCI, Scopus, ISSN 2073-431X)



Submission of Abstract due:  October 21 , 2019 October 28 , 2019

Acceptance of Abstract:  October 28 , 2019 October 30 , 2019

Early Registration due: October 31 , 2019

Submission of Full Paper due: November 10 , 2019

Conference Date: November 22 – November 24 , 2019

Submission of Journal Paper due: December 31 , 2019