Tutoring Services for FALL 2020

The free student tutoring service is provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning Development of the Office of Academic Affairs in order to facilitate undergraduate student learning and academic achievement.


Tutoring Schedule: 18:00 to 21:00, Monday to Friday, from  October 12, 2020 to Decemeber 31, 2020.

Tutoring Subjects: Fundamental subjects such as Calculus, General Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Program Design etc.

Tutoring Location: To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the tutoring classroom is held online.

Please see the schedule and the classroom link HERE

(Tutoring Service feedback questionnaire)

1. google sheet: https://forms.gle/Tgx1xHxT83D5CgpY6

2. google document: https://reurl.cc/WdNo97 please email to z10111040@email.ncku.edu.tw


Contact Person:

Ms. Sabrina Yang

Staff Member of the Center for Teaching and Learning Development, Office of Academic Affairs

Extension: 50202-24

E-mail: z10111040@email.ncku.edu.tw