Outstanding Teacher of NCKU: Prof. Chang Hsiu-Tzu from Department of Urban Planning

Urban planning is an interdisciplinary applied science that involves problem-solving, communication, and system thinking within existing complex systems.

That is why Prof. Chang Hsiu-Tzu from NCKU Department of Urban Planning believes that urban planning graduates will be highly sought after in the job market. For one, they have excellent integration skills. For another, interdisciplinary collaboration experiences empower urban planners to take on leadership roles.

Prof. Chang encourages students to have “big visions and detailed work.” Especially for urban planners, putting knowledge into practice is essential. Neglecting the practical for the theoretical will only make even the most creative plans nothing more than dreams.

Urban planning must focus on the environment, based on a deep understanding of the people it serves. And cities, being large entities, consist of different groups with diverse opinions. Urban planners must therefore strike a balance between the ideal and the practical to truly create good environments.